Sweet Potato Spears

imageSweet Potato Bacon Spears

It is no secret that I love love love bacon. Unless you don’t know me, then you simply don’t know me. So now you know at least that.

I put bacon in just about everything I can, and eat it whenever I can.

The other night we got home late from the gym, and The Kiddo wasn’t home. The Hubs and I didn’t feel like eating a whole dinner, and really just wanted to have a snack and then sit on the couch to watch Alcatraz.

I stood in front of the fridge, not wanting chicken, not wanting left-over steak, not wanting eggs, or fruit or anything resembling a green leafy vegetable, not even wanting dark chocolate. Then, as if a spotlight started shining down and the soundtrack to my life started playing, the fresh bacon from the butcher was all I could focus on.

I wasn’t convinced I wanted to eat the bacon solo, and eating it with anything else in the fridge seemed about as exciting as listening to the Hanson Brothers.

I had already peeled one sweet potato and was waiting for the water to boil so that I could feed The Pups his dinner.

Suddenly, like in the movies, I got the greatest idea! Forgetting that 5,037 other people in this world has likely had, and even probably posted a recipe on, the same idea, and while thinking I was the biggest genius since Dr. Dre or even Einstein, I got to peeling another sweet potato!

I cut it in to long, thick, french-fry like shapes. I boiled them until tender enough to take an easy and smooth fork stab.

Sweet Potato Spears

Sweet Potato Spears

I cut some bacon in half, and wrapped a half around each sweet potato.

I then lined them on a baking sheet covered in foil (because I didn’t want to clean bacon grease off the baking sheet, not because it is magical for the cooking process).

On half of the goodies I sprinkled a touch of brown sugar chile rub to caramelize and add a little kick of a treat (simply mix 2 tablespoons brown sugar with chipotle chili powder or cayenne pepper to taste).

wrapped and ready for the oven!

wrapped and ready for the oven!

I baked them at 385 degrees until the bacon was just near perfect to my tasting. I then switched the oven to broil for 3 minutes to add a little sass to the top of the sweet potato (you can skip this part- but if you choose to do it, keep an eye on them… broil can change delicious to charred in seconds if not watched). It gives it a nice crunch, and boils the bacon grease a bit to help caramelize the sweet potato.

They were delicious little things. More filling then eating bacon by itself! Little bite sizes of amazing-so rich and fabulous!

Sweet Potato Bacon Spears


* Note, these little bites of amazing are PALEO, however adding the brown sugar is NOT PALEO. You can still add the chili to give a little heat. But all alone, without the brown sugar chili rub, is simply amazing. I was just experimenting.