Sweet Potato and Leek soup with BACON

imageGet in my belly!


I have been really in to making soups lately, maybe because of the rainy days… It makes you want to curl up in your favorite sweats and watch a movie with a hot bowl of soup.

This was really easy, and was the best soup I have ever had on a lazy Sunday.

First I peeled and cubed 4 medium-sized sweet potatoes.

I then chopped up 5 garlic cloves, 1 large shallot and 1 leek (white and light green part only. Discard the dark green part of the leek).

Shallots, Garlic, and Leeks






Heat up a pan over medium heat and add 8-12 pieces of bacon, diced  into small chunks. I used 1 package of Trader Joe’s Apple-wood smoked bacon.

Cook until browned, and than transfer to a paper towel to get rid of excess grease.








Back to your bacon pan, there should only be about a tablespoon of bacon grease left, if there is a huge amount more than this, pour it out, leaving 1-2 tablespoons. Over medium heat, add to the grease, 4 tablespoons of unsalted butter (grass-fed preferable). Once melted add your garlic, shallots, and leeks, along with a pinch of sea salt and 4-5 turns on the cracked pepper mill (or to taste). You don’t want to add more salt than this because the bacon is salty. You don’t want your soup to taste like a salt lick. You can always add more to the finished product.

Turn the heat up to  medium-high and let that saute until the butter and grease is bubbling and the leeks have become tender and your kitchen smells amazing, 4-6 minutes.






Transfer the sweet potato chunks to your favorite stock pot or soup pan, top with the bacon, and pour in your whole pan of sauteed leeks, shallots, and garlic. Don’t leave behind any of that buttered bacon grease!

You want to add enough chicken stock to cover the sweet potatoes. If you don’t have time and/or are simply too lazy to make your own stock, just buy a couple boxes. I used an organic gluten free chicken stock that I buy at Costco. Always check your chicken stock to see if it is gluten free, sometimes it is NOT. And you wouldn’t want to ruin a whole batch of delicious soup!




I ended up using 1 whole box plus about a cup of chicken stock in order to nicely cover all the goods. Use a big spoon to stir it all up!









Cover and turn up the heat, bringing your soup to a boil.

Once it is boiling, turn the heat down to simmer and mix in 2 cups of heavy whipping cream.

Let your soup simmer for 30 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally.

Pour half of your soup into a blender. The chunks may sink to the bottom, so make sure you aren’t pouring liquid only.

I used a large strainer spoon and scooped what I figured to be roughly half of the goods and half of the liquid in to the blender.

I left half of the goods in the soup because I wanted the soup to be chunky. If you want the soup to be more pureed, or like a bisque, you could blend the whole batch, or use an immersion blender. I like the idea of having a smooth creamy soup with some delicious bites in between.

Blend until creamy and then pour back into your soup pot.







Mix it all up and it is ready to serve!

To me, the good thing about blending only some of the soup is that it allows for some versatility in your eating. If you feel like a cup of creamy bisque like deliciousness, just skim off the top. Otherwise ladle in some of the creaminess and add a big spoonful of chunkiness and you have a mighty fine bowl of amazing.

*While some folks who are Paleo include heavy whipping cream and grassfed butter in their cooking, some do not. To make this soup go from PRIMAL to PALEO, simply do not add butter (add a touch more bacon grease), and eliminate the heavy whipping cream.