What the F is Paleo

imagePaleo chart

You may notice that this Snackadoodle section may not only include recipes, but anything I really feel like talking about that is related to food, cupcakes, or anything delicious or exciting.

Since I started my site about 5 seconds ago, I have already gotten 17 emails asking, “What is Paleo???”, “Who is Paleo?”, “How do I Paleo?”, “Paleo Paleo Paleo!”.

Here is my answer. I didn’t start this website/blog to conquer the Paleo world. There are already several great resources for that, and I am not into simply regurgitating somebody else’s information when they have already covered it all in such extraordinary detail, that any info I could possibly share would likely sound worse than Milli Vanilli.

I get questions just about every day regarding the Paleo diet.

“Well I drink soy milk, that’s ok, right?” -NO, soy milk sucks for all the reasons you find on Robb’s website.

“I eat whole wheat pasta, so that is like, totally good, right?” -NO, gluten is death. See Robb’s website.

You get the idea? This is how I answer most Paleo questions. Talking about nutrition to people is like talking about religion or politics. People only want to hear what they want to hear. They want me to confirm that what they are eating is ‘still okay’. And it is ok to be skeptical, it is all right to have your doubts, but my advice is to read up, try Robb’s 30-day challenge, and see and feel the results. That is the best answer you can really get. That is how you realize you can be and feel amazing each and every day. All I want to do is cook really good food, and share it with as many people as I can.

I look at Robb Wolf as the Paleo master. As far as I am concerned, Robb mainstreamed Paleo into the Universe. So whenever I get a question, I direct them to Robb’s search box on robbwolf.com. He even has a blog post that covers “What is Paleo?”. THEN spend about 37 hours reading everything there is to know on his site. Because he seriously fracking knows everything about Paleo.

Robb and the Hubs do a weekly podcast that also covers just about everything in the world, Paleo or not. My bestfriendsoulmate, Sage Burgener-now-Mertz, and I always say that Greg Everett literally knows everything. We sometimes ask him the most random, most stupid questions you could imagine and he literally knows the answer. Literally. And what Greg doesn’t know, Robb knows. So literally, between the two of them, they know EVERYTHING. Literally.

Ask me about Pop culture, or anything that would appear on perezhilton.com, and I gotcha covered. But with Paleo and all things nutrition, I would rather you stick to the experts. I’ll just do the cookin’!

In the case you don’t find what you are looking for on Robb Wolf’s site (doubtful), or you need a 2nd and 3rd and 19th opinion on the matter, or you want to research as much as possible so that you can write a book, Nom Nom Paleo also covers ‘What is Paleo’ and so does FitBomb and Everyday Paleo. Dr. Loren Cordain has great resources, and so does Google. GOOGLE knows everything. You also have an endless supply of blogs that offer delish Paleo recipes. Nom Nom Paleo and Everyday Paleo and Paleo Comfort Foods are three of my absolute fav’s.

Here is a chart that someone recently posted on my facebook page that I think is genius, and is a great summary of the Paleo diet. My intention was not to steal this photo from the source, so if you created this chart, please let me know so I can give credit to where credit is due!