Banana Choca lata ya ya

imageThe Chocolate Banana

This cupcake I made by accident. I was trying to perfect the gluten free chocolate cupcake, which can be impossibly difficult, and I came up with the most delish and moist chocolate cupcake! It reminded me of the silkiness in homemade truffles. It was airy and light, while being just the right balance of chocolate. Finally I had mastered the stubborn chocolate in a way that left the gluten free cupcake tasting like amazing chocolate cake, and not a gritty dry lump that you would expect from some gluten free baked goods. I knew vanilla frosting could not hold up to this particular chocolate cupcake and while banging my head against the cupboard trying to think of something new and innovative, I glanced down at my bowl of over-ripe bananas. While basic cupcake recipes will be coming soon (still developing a basic cupcake recipe to share, while keeping my secrets safe), I can tell you that I mashed together 3 bananas, added about a teaspoon of vanilla powder, and mixed that in to my fab butter-cream recipe. I sprinkled each cupcake with a smidge of vanilla sugar and some chocolate twirls, and was so pleased with the outcome and so thankful that I didn’t explore some fancy, creative flavor. It was the perfect blend. It reminded me of a chocolate covered banana, but in a truffle form, but in a cupcake.