The Banaccident

imageThe Mistake

Today I decided to bake something with the 2 over-over-over-ripe bananas sitting on my counter. Not one to waste food, I set forth to put those rotting bananas to work.

I decided to make a caramel banana cupcake with a vanilla bean frosting.

I had some left-over vanilla bean amazingness in my fridge from last Sunday’s spaghetti cupcakes. In preparing to re-whip and fluff up the frosting, I had sifted a cup of powder sugar and whisked up some heavy whipping cream. The sifted mound of powder sugar was in a small stainless steel bowl and placed right next to the Kitchenaid so that I had it ready for the buttercream when I was finished mixing the cupcake batter.

I mashed the 2 bananas in a separate bowl and stirred in my pizazz. AKA secret ingredients.

Then I started my batter. When it came time to alternate heavy whipping cream and the gluten free flour mixture, I mistakenly reached for the powder sugar bowl. After I was done mixing everything together I started to scoop the batter into the liners, noticing it was a bit thin, when I looked over and saw the flour mixture still on the counter. OH F!

Since I only had 2 rotting bananas available, and had used the last 3 eggs in the fridge, I couldn’t start over. And remember, I am not one to waste food… especially when it comes to cupcakes and bacon!

So…. I added the caramel that I had made to swirl in to the frosting all professional like, straight in to the batter, hoping it would help to absorb some of that powder sugar. Now I am by no means a professional baker, and I don’t know where my logic of this came from, or even if it is a real thing. I go through a lot of trial and error because I refuse to follow a recipe, and I have done little to no, ok no, research on the how-to’s what not’s what to’s of baking. I just thought… hmmmm it may work. Then I added the forgotten flour mixture, stirred it all up, added it to the liners, popped it in to the oven, and sat on the floor by the oven for 15 minutes staring at the rising cupcakes hoping for the best. Ok, that last part is a lie.

They came out of the oven smelling delish, and The Hubs, sniffing from the living room, says “Something smells good in there!”.

I impatiently waited about 10 minutes, ok, 37 seconds, for them to cool before I took a bite to try it out. Holy fierceness! Simply delicious. They taste like banana bread, but light and fluffy and in a vanilla bean kinda way. SOOOO GOOOOOD.

Once cooled for about 15 minutes, I piped the whipped vanilla bean frosting, and used the remaining smidge of caramel I had left at the bottom of the container to add a small drizzle on top.

Even better all tied together with the frosting and caramel drizzle. Thus, the Banaccident was born.

Maybe mistakes aren’t always a bad thing… we definitely can learn from them.


Apple Pie-tastic

imageThe finished deliciousness

Who doesn’t love a warm, delicious apple pie?

Apple pie reminds me of winter. Of a time in my Grandma’s kitchen where she used to roll out her own dough, and spend 8 hours making the most amazing apple pie. I miss my Grandma’s cooking, and kick myself every single day for not being interested in cooking and baking when she was still alive. I strive to have half the talent in the kitchen that she had, and regret not asking her for all her recipes. Now her recipes are lost, and the best I can do is try to re-create them.

One morning I woke up and missed her apple pie, something fierce. So I decided to put it in to a cupcake.

I peeled and cut about 8 apples and put them in the pressure cooker with some cinnamon, grass fed butter, vanilla, and a touch of pumpkin pie spice. After about 8 minutes, I opened the lid to the most tantalizing aroma I had smelled since 1986. However, I made the mistake of adding a tad of condensed milk… you see, Grams used to add it to her apples… it was her secret weapon. What I didn’t take in to consideration is pressure cookers were not common in the kitchen when she was baking. So while they tasted amazing, it left the consistency a bit whacky. So, I tossed those in the trash and started over- in a pan on simmer. I tried to rush the process-when I remembered, Grams pies took 8 hours.

So I re-peeled the apples, and put it all in my most precious pan. I let them cook for about an hour until they were tender and caramelized in their own cinnamon-y juices.

I took half the batch and diced them up in to small chunks to be added to my vanilla-bean batter. The others I laid atop the hot cupcake right out of the oven.

warm apple slices carmalize the top of the cupcake right out of the oven

I covered them with a drizzle of my dear friend Natalie’s salted caramel (I use her recipe ALL the time. I don’t dare come up with my own because hers is simply divine), and topped that all with a whipped cream frosting with a hint of vanilla sugar.

The finished deliciousness

Apple Pie-tastic

They came as close to a homemade apple pie as I could have hoped for. I ate about 3 before even thinking about sharing the rest.

Thank you Grams for leaving the smells and flavors so fresh in my mind so that I could turn it in to something almost as amazing.

*I know you may be thinking to yourself, give me the F’ing recipe already, would ya?!?! But I promise I am working assiduously to develop a gluten free recipe that you can all use in your kitchen that is as easy as out of the box. Until then, I will continue to keep my secrets a secret and tease y’all and make your mouths water.