Brecky Tacos, not just for breakfast

imageBrecky Tacos

Sometimes I get sick of having dinner for dinner. I like to switch it up for the fam! Who says you have to have eggs for breakfast and steak for dinner? Sometimes it is ok to have eggs for dinner, and steak for breakfast. At the risk of becoming incredibly bored with my food, I try to switch it up. This is a simply and delish way to add some spunkiness to the ole’ protein staple… the egg.

First: pick your 2nd protein (preferably from an animal- not some tofu stuff). I have made them with diced ham, chopped bacon, shredded beef, ground beef, and ground sausage. I typically make a pan full of the 2nd protein and save whatever is not used for a snack the next day, so I don’t have exact measurements for this. Some folks may like less or more meat on their tacos, so make whatever you have in the fridge, scoop the desired amount in to your taco, and save the rest for another snackadoodle or meal!

The picture shown is made with diced ham. I bought organic sliced breakfast ham and chopped it into small squares. On medium heat I warmed some olive oil and added the ham, cooking for approximately 5 minutes, then switching on low to keep warm.

In another pan I warmed up a nice layer of olive oil, and sizzled up some corn tortillas (approximately 1 minute per side depending on your desired crispiness). Once the corn tortillas were finished, I layered them on some paper towels to soak up any excess oil.

I make 1 egg per taco, over-medium. You can obviously make the egg the way you love it the most- scrambled, over-hard, sunnyside up or even poached! I like them over medium so that the yoke drizzles all over the taco after the first bite.

I then layer the tacos- meat first, then egg then salsa and diced avocado. I add a pinch of pepper and sea salt and dive in!

Other ideas: Sometimes I have sauteed and added diced cabbage, shredded carrots or zuchinni!

Paleo option: Instead of a corn tortilla make your brecky tacos in a leaf of cabbage or romaine!