The Banaccident

imageThe Mistake

Today I decided to bake something with the 2 over-over-over-ripe bananas sitting on my counter. Not one to waste food, I set forth to put those rotting bananas to work.

I decided to make a caramel banana cupcake with a vanilla bean frosting.

I had some left-over vanilla bean amazingness in my fridge from last Sunday’s spaghetti cupcakes. In preparing to re-whip and fluff up the frosting, I had sifted a cup of powder sugar and whisked up some heavy whipping cream. The sifted mound of powder sugar was in a small stainless steel bowl and placed right next to the Kitchenaid so that I had it ready for the buttercream when I was finished mixing the cupcake batter.

I mashed the 2 bananas in a separate bowl and stirred in my pizazz. AKA secret ingredients.

Then I started my batter. When it came time to alternate heavy whipping cream and the gluten free flour mixture, I mistakenly reached for the powder sugar bowl. After I was done mixing everything together I started to scoop the batter into the liners, noticing it was a bit thin, when I looked over and saw the flour mixture still on the counter. OH F!

Since I only had 2 rotting bananas available, and had used the last 3 eggs in the fridge, I couldn’t start over. And remember, I am not one to waste food… especially when it comes to cupcakes and bacon!

So…. I added the caramel that I had made to swirl in to the frosting all professional like, straight in to the batter, hoping it would help to absorb some of that powder sugar. Now I am by no means a professional baker, and I don’t know where my logic of this came from, or even if it is a real thing. I go through a lot of trial and error because I refuse to follow a recipe, and I have done little to no, ok no, research on the how-to’s what not’s what to’s of baking. I just thought… hmmmm it may work. Then I added the forgotten flour mixture, stirred it all up, added it to the liners, popped it in to the oven, and sat on the floor by the oven for 15 minutes staring at the rising cupcakes hoping for the best. Ok, that last part is a lie.

They came out of the oven smelling delish, and The Hubs, sniffing from the living room, says “Something smells good in there!”.

I impatiently waited about 10 minutes, ok, 37 seconds, for them to cool before I took a bite to try it out. Holy fierceness! Simply delicious. They taste like banana bread, but light and fluffy and in a vanilla bean kinda way. SOOOO GOOOOOD.

Once cooled for about 15 minutes, I piped the whipped vanilla bean frosting, and used the remaining smidge of caramel I had left at the bottom of the container to add a small drizzle on top.

Even better all tied together with the frosting and caramel drizzle. Thus, the Banaccident was born.

Maybe mistakes aren’t always a bad thing… we definitely can learn from them.


Banana Choca lata ya ya

imageThe Chocolate Banana

This cupcake I made by accident. I was trying to perfect the gluten free chocolate cupcake, which can be impossibly difficult, and I came up with the most delish and moist chocolate cupcake! It reminded me of the silkiness in homemade truffles. It was airy and light, while being just the right balance of chocolate. Finally I had mastered the stubborn chocolate in a way that left the gluten free cupcake tasting like amazing chocolate cake, and not a gritty dry lump that you would expect from some gluten free baked goods. I knew vanilla frosting could not hold up to this particular chocolate cupcake and while banging my head against the cupboard trying to think of something new and innovative, I glanced down at my bowl of over-ripe bananas. While basic cupcake recipes will be coming soon (still developing a basic cupcake recipe to share, while keeping my secrets safe), I can tell you that I mashed together 3 bananas, added about a teaspoon of vanilla powder, and mixed that in to my fab butter-cream recipe. I sprinkled each cupcake with a smidge of vanilla sugar and some chocolate twirls, and was so pleased with the outcome and so thankful that I didn’t explore some fancy, creative flavor. It was the perfect blend. It reminded me of a chocolate covered banana, but in a truffle form, but in a cupcake.