Apple Pie-tastic

imageThe finished deliciousness

Who doesn’t love a warm, delicious apple pie?

Apple pie reminds me of winter. Of a time in my Grandma’s kitchen where she used to roll out her own dough, and spend 8 hours making the most amazing apple pie. I miss my Grandma’s cooking, and kick myself every single day for not being interested in cooking and baking when she was still alive. I strive to have half the talent in the kitchen that she had, and regret not asking her for all her recipes. Now her recipes are lost, and the best I can do is try to re-create them.

One morning I woke up and missed her apple pie, something fierce. So I decided to put it in to a cupcake.

I peeled and cut about 8 apples and put them in the pressure cooker with some cinnamon, grass fed butter, vanilla, and a touch of pumpkin pie spice. After about 8 minutes, I opened the lid to the most tantalizing aroma I had smelled since 1986. However, I made the mistake of adding a tad of condensed milk… you see, Grams used to add it to her apples… it was her secret weapon. What I didn’t take in to consideration is pressure cookers were not common in the kitchen when she was baking. So while they tasted amazing, it left the consistency a bit whacky. So, I tossed those in the trash and started over- in a pan on simmer. I tried to rush the process-when I remembered, Grams pies took 8 hours.

So I re-peeled the apples, and put it all in my most precious pan. I let them cook for about an hour until they were tender and caramelized in their own cinnamon-y juices.

I took half the batch and diced them up in to small chunks to be added to my vanilla-bean batter. The others I laid atop the hot cupcake right out of the oven.

warm apple slices carmalize the top of the cupcake right out of the oven

I covered them with a drizzle of my dear friend Natalie’s salted caramel (I use her recipe ALL the time. I don’t dare come up with my own because hers is simply divine), and topped that all with a whipped cream frosting with a hint of vanilla sugar.

The finished deliciousness

Apple Pie-tastic

They came as close to a homemade apple pie as I could have hoped for. I ate about 3 before even thinking about sharing the rest.

Thank you Grams for leaving the smells and flavors so fresh in my mind so that I could turn it in to something almost as amazing.

*I know you may be thinking to yourself, give me the F’ing recipe already, would ya?!?! But I promise I am working assiduously to develop a gluten free recipe that you can all use in your kitchen that is as easy as out of the box. Until then, I will continue to keep my secrets a secret and tease y’all and make your mouths water.