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Aimee’s Cupcakes and all things Delish

"A day without cupcakes is like a day without bacon" ~ Aimee

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my new site. I hope to fill it with so many delicious and awesomely amazing recipes, so you will always have something new to try.

All of my cupcake and dessert recipes will be made gluten free and with the best ingredients possible. I always try to use grass-fed organic butter and heavy whipping cream, organic sugars, and the best freshest vanilla beans. No artificial flavors—only all the freshest yummiest stuff available.

I will also post lots of Snackadoodles! This includes meals, side dishes, or whatever I think is delish. Most of it will be Paleo—ALL of it will be gluten free.

Always feel free to post comments or questions, or contact me at any time. I will do my best to answer all questions… but here are a few you may want to ask:

Q: Why are you starting a food blog, there are like 3,037 out there that are already amazing!?

A: There absolutely are! And I am not trying to compete with them in any way. I am simply trying to give people who can’t or don’t want to eat gluten some delicious options. Not all people in the world want to be Paleo 28 hours a day 9 days a week. Sometimes people want to cheat. I am here to help the cheaters in the world. Please note, this does not mean that I think you should cheat, I never condone cheating… but I do believe that if you are going to cheat, that you should at least stay away from gluten. Also, this website is for people out there who may not be Paleo, but have gluten intolerances. Also, I only have 999 things going on in my life and I wanted it to be an even 1,000

Q: Um… excuse me, but cupcakes are not PALEO. What the heck?

A: Yes, you are right. And I am not claiming that cupcakes are paleo. What I am claiming is that cupcakes are delicious. I LOVE cupcakes. But I HATE gluten. So, the way I look at it is even folks who are Paleo may want to have treats on special occasions. I know that I use any excuse to have a treat, and if anyone else in the world were like me, then he or she also would like the same options. However, in my opinion gluten free options that are out there are not so yummilicious. So not even knowing that I could bake anything but bacon, I set out to master gluten free desserts, specifically cupcakes, so that if I were going to cheat, then at least I was cheating with something so delicious that it was worth it to me. Nothing is worse than having a gluten free dessert, only to find it unsatisfying and gritty and tasting worse than burnt bacon. I want each bite of my cupcake to taste like a REAL cupcake should taste. Only better.

Q: Can you ship me some cupcakes? I live in Buttflats, Ohio!

A: I am hoping to start shipping in the next few months. Please be patient. I want to ship as much as you want me to ship. But I am a perfectionist when it comes to dessert. And I won’t start shipping until I am confident that the flavors will be just as awesome when they arrive to your doorstep as they were when they came out of the oven.

Q: When can I and how do I order cupcakes??

A: That is also coming soon and info is not available on the website at this time. In the meantime, please email me- aimee [at] aimeescupcakes [dot] com

Q: I notice that sometimes you do not put the whole recipe for your cupcakes; can I have all your recipes?

A: No. I am not interested in revealing all my secrets. Otherwise who would come in and buy my cupcakes when I open my shop?

Q: Do you eat Paleo?

A: I follow the guidelines of Paleo, but I have been eating a lot of cupcakes lately while developing my flavors and perfecting my batter. I also never turn down a good crème brûlée, dark chocolate perfection, or caramel. I also eat corn tortillas, grass fed butter, heavy whipping cream, and a smidge of cheese, on occasion. Sometimes I go to sushi and have a roll with rice (I always bring my own gluten free soy sauce!). I’ve been known to sneak a bite of hashbrowns. But I never, ever, even if there is a fire, eat gluten. I do, every couple months, make a gluten free lasagna, which I will be posting a recipe of. The above-mentioned cheats are only occasional. It is not an everyday thing, or even an every week thing. But I do not deprive myself of a little honey on my sausage, or a little heavy whipping cream in my coffee if I feel like having it. So I am not perfect.

Q: Who designed your awesome cartoon Aimee?

A: Fitbomb! And I couldn’t love it any more than if Vanilla Ice had designed it. It is literally so me, it’s incredible.

Q: Who designed your rad website?

A: The hubs, Greg Everett. But don’t ask him to design one for you, because he will not work for less than like $5,037,037—that’s how much he hates web design.

Q: What does Britney Spears think of your cupcakes?

A: I don’t know, but I hope that one day she will think they are as awesome as making out with Madonna.

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