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Escaping Eggoredom.

Escaping Eggoredom #1

Seriously, I am almost embarrassed to put this up here because it is really not a recipe, but merely a delicious way to escape complete and utter eggoredom. Aka eggs so boring you have to shovel them in your mouth in 3 seconds to fuel your body. So hopefully y’all need ways to escape the eggoredom in your lives because I will be posting a zillion ways to make your Paleo eggs less boring.

This one is sinchy.

Put your favorite pan over medium heat to warm it up! Make an avocado oil  Z. (If you don’t have avocado oil, you can use olive oil. I use the organic avocado oil from Whole Foods.)

Add 1-2 tablespoons of minced garlic (I like my garlic chunky, so I don’t put too much choppin’ into my mincing) depending on taste AND 1-2 tablespoons of chopped red onion to your desired chunkiness.

Add a pinch of sea salt, and desired cracked pepper and let that sauté for about a minute, then plop your eggs right on top! I cooked mine over-medium, but you could scramble them, or over-easy them, or even sunny-side up them.

Let the eggs cook until the white part gets firm (about a minute on medium heat), and right before you are going to flip them, add 3-4 fresh basil chiffonade and add it right on top of the eggs, then flip for another minute, or until eggs have reached your desired ‘doneness’.

That’s it! YUM!

This recipe is PALEO.

Escaping Eggoredom #1

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